Agrifac - LightTraxx

Compact, light and manoeuvrable

Introducing the compact, light and manoeuvrable six row sugar beet harvester from Agrifac: The LightTraxx. Efficient, Economic, Ergonomic and Ecologic but most of all Agrifac sugar beet harvesting.

The intuitive EcoTronicPlus operating system offers cutting edge ergonomics to the operator, economic engine management and all functions at a glance: Key parameters are shown on the clear 12” (30,5 cm) touchscreen and can easily be adjusted at any time, increasing the overall efficiency of the harvester. Commonly used harvesting functions can be controlled with the joystick. The speeds of the various machine functions and the driving speed can be set independent from the engine speed. High efficiency at a low engine speed means optimal fuel efficiency.

The LightTraxx can be equipped with an integral defoliator or a defoliator with side leaf spreader. The LightTraxx has the newly developed ProtectPlus scalping system which ensures the best results. The LightTraxx is ready to lift sugarbeets under all conditions with the ExcenterPlus system. The cab gives an optimal view in all directions and a pleasant and comfortable working environment.

Прецизно прибиране на цвекло, при много висока производителност

Брилянтно просто, най-новата технология при най-опростено управление

  • Лека машина, максимално предпазване на почвата от утъпкване
  • Лесно маневриране
  • Повърхността остава равна за следващи обработки: предните и задните гуми са с различна колея  
  • Малък радиус на завиване
  • Висока производителност при висока степен на очистване
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